RFS6000 controlers

My customer has 2 wireless RFS6000 controlers on the same network where the AP's are not adoptiong to the correct controler and or they drop. what is the best way to trouble shoot this issue.

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Hi Shadi

What version of Firmware do I have in the RFs6000?
What model of APs are being adopted?
Are the RFS6000 configured in Cluster mode?
Do you have enough licenses?
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Hi Shadi,

I would start by checking the cluster configuration. As per WiNG best practice you want to configure the controllers in an active/standby mode.

Below is the link to the WiNG Cluster How To Guide:

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One way is to change the 'mint area id' from the default on the RFS you do not want the APs adopting too.

Default is set as: 'mint level 1 area-id 1 '

CLI commands are:
mint level 1 area-id <change >
commit write

Before you do anything see this doc :
WiNG 5.X Best Practices and Recommendations (see page 14)
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Additional you can check this two commands:

show mint neighbors -> do you see the AP as neighbor
show adoption history -> check if the AP can reach the controller, but isn't adopted, maybe no adoption rule or no licenses