RFS6000 - External Guest Captive Portal (Aruba Clearpass)

Hi Champs,

A quick question:
Could someone please share any config guide regarding RFS6000 Guest Captive Portal on External Radius Server (Aruba Clearpass)?

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you can find our KB article under this link:
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Hi Ondrej,

Thanks for the doc.
A quick question regarding Captive Portal Policy:

We are using Captive Portal Server Mode: Internal
What do we need to enter in Captive Portal Server Host since we don't have any FQDN?

Could you please advise?
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use any non-resolvable FQDN. For example, AP intercepts this FQDN and resolves to IP of

Hi Slava,

Thanks for your comment. This makes sense now.
Also, on Page 10 - Clearpass side config; it says: IP Address field should be equal to the virtual FQDN configured under WiNG Captive Portal Policy:

Does it mean that this field should match the non-resolvable FQDN been configured in Captive Portal Policy?
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Hi, yes Captive Portal FQDN this must match the Clearpass "IP Address" field config
Hi All,

We have implemented the change.
The issue we having now is that the guest users see the SSL Cert warning message.
There is SSL Cert already present on Aruba Clearpass.
Do we need to have the same cert on RFS6000 as well?