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RFS6000 lost admin password but SNMP works, possible to reset password?

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Client has lost their RFS6000 password, but I've determined that SNMPv3 access is working. Is it possible to reset the admin password this way, if so, what SNMP element needs to be updated?


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Hello Andrew,

If lost, the password may only be reset from CLI either by using a temp password or via the console port using the reset/FactoryDefault credentials.

In both cases, when a controller password is reset the config will be lost.

Thank you,

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Hello Andrew,
What version is the RFS6000 currently running? Once I have this, I can check the RFS6000 MIB for that release and see if there is an OID to reset the admin password.

Chris Frazee
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Version is 5.5.2.

The MIB value wingCfgMgmtAdminPassword OID . looks promising, but when written doesn't work as expected.