roam detected (reason code:8) WM3700-AP4600

  • 25 November 2015
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Sometimes some clients are disassociated from our WLAN. the log event show me this:

2015-11-25 12:27:13 ML-TE3-P17-FCCN-AP DOT11 CLIENT_DISASSOCIATED Client 'CC-3D-82-7D-91-D7' disassociated from wlan 'EXTERNOS2' radio 'ML-TE3-P17-FCCN-AP:R1': roam detected (reason code:8)

I dont know the reason

Please help me!


3 replies
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Thank Jeremy, Your post led me to thisafter reading I can summarize that :

This message is an indication that an associated client has roamed (associated to another AP).
Possible reasons for this follow:
The configuration of the AP to which the client was originally associated may have changed. This change may no longer match the configuration of the clients.
The client(s) may have moved outside of the cell area, or radio coverage area, of the AP.
The client may have shut down.
To find out what specifically is causing the log message, examine the client behavior and troubleshoot the client if necessary.
I often refer to this chart to track down any strange problems.