Schedule nsight database backup fail

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Hi community,

I'm trying to schedule a backup of my nsight's database.
I added the following configuration to the nsight server configuration :
database backup database nsight sftp://mylogin:mypass@myserver.domain/nsight-db/ start-date 12/21/2018 start-time 08:15 reoccurrence 168

But each time it is executed, it fails about 3 hours later with the message "scheduled backup for database nsight unsuccessful". I tried adding a filename at the end of the destination of backup but it fails with the same message.

If I execute a one-time backup with the command
database-backup database nsight sftp://mylogin:mypass@myserver.domain/nsight-db/backup.tar.gz

I receive a file named backup.tar.gz of about 7.9GB so I conclued that there is no problem for the nsight server to connect to my server and store the backup.

For information, I'm using a VX9000 version

Anyone has an idea on what's wrong ?


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Hi Romain

Can you send me the output from the following command?
"show database backup-status detail"
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Hi Daren,

I can't call this command. Are you sure it exists ?
Here is the possible completion I have :
nsight#show database ?
keyfile Keyfile
statistics Statistics
status Status
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Hi Romain,

That command might not be available in older code.
Newer versions of Nsight provides a lot of improvement.
Note: I am running 5.9.3.x
Is it possible to upgrade Nsight and WiNG infrastructure to at lease 5.9.2.x?
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Hi Daren,

I have several AP8222 and Ap650 still running on my network and all others are AP7532 or AP7562. It seems that AP650 and AP8222 are no longer supported in version 5.9.x, am I right ?

My partner told me that the VX9000 hosting the nsight (in standalone mode) must run in the same version as the VX9000 controling the APs. Is this true ?

Depending of those two question I should upgrade or not.

The replacement of the AP8222 and AP650 is planned for this year but it will take few months.
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Hi Romain,

Technically that is a true statement.
Engineering even on your current version of code will not support those 2 model APs.
5.9.2 no longer has software for those 2 APs, but thankfully you can go to on WiNG and still adopt those model APs with the VX9000.
That still puts you in a better position with Nsight server though its not 5.9.2.x.
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Thank you Daren,

I will plan to upgrade to I will see if my issue still occurs or not. If it is, I will try to get the "show database backup-status detail " information.
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Hi Daren,

I'm currently upgrading all the wireless infrastructure to version
I'll be back when the upgrade will be done.
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All devices are now running version

I planned database backup in the configuration of the vx use as nsight (standalone) :
database backup database nsight sftp://configbackup:yaTSUC6CJeYmpubGKs4P@netgedor.uang/nsight-db/ start-date 02/19/2019 start-time 14:45 reoccurrence 168
I commited this configuration at 14:30 on today (02/19/2019, time of Paris, FR)
Now, it's 15:20 and here is the output of sh database backup-status detail :
nsight#sh database backup-status detail
Last Database Backup Status : Failed(Starting backup of mart ...)
Last Database Backup Time : 2019-02-19 14:07:08
Starting backup of mart ...


The "last Database Backup Time" seems to be the reboot time after upgrade
On previous version, database backup took around 4 hours to achieve.
I'm waiting for the end of the operations.