Set up R2 for non-dfs only

  • 31 January 2019
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Hello community,

I need to set the R2 to work with 5Ghz on non-dfs only channels for VOIP, but our regulation is quiet difficult:

Can I set up for non-dfs only with smart rf, as well?


Aviv Kedem

7 replies

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Based on the screen shot provided, you can only use channels 36, 40, 44, and 49 (non-dfs channels). You can modify smart-rf Channel and Power/Channel Settings/5 GHz Channels to only distributed these channels. I would use 20MHz channel width, due to only having 4 channels available, unless you are only deploying 1 or 2 APs.
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looks like you can specify list of channels for smart-rfto use . See below CLI commands:

Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.
VX9k(config)#smart-rf-policy test
VX9k(config-smart-rf-policy-test)#channel-list 5GHz
VX9k(config-smart-rf-policy-test)#channel-list 5GHz ?
WORD A comma-separated list of channels
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Yes, you can configure your SmartRF Policy to include whatever channels you want (based on the allowed channels that exist within the country-code you've selected).
Changing the SmartRF Policy channels though will affect *all* APs that are assigned to an RF Domain that is using that SmartRF Policy though. If that is not an issue, then that's all you need to do...configure the SmartRF Policy for the channels you want.
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ExtremeWireless WiNG VOIP Recommendations
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Hello Aviv,

Looks like you can only use channels 36-48 in your case. Yes you can configure smart-RF to only use the non-DFS channels.

SSH into controller and run the following commands:

#conf t
#smart-rf-policy policyname
#channel-list 5GHz 36,40,44,48
#com wr
#show context

Is this what you are looking for?

Thank you,

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Thanks you for the replies,

The goal is to use all the channels 36-48 with 17DB as appears on regulation screenshot.
So I need to set in smart rf the maximum power level in case of Ap7532int ant:
17DB (max allowed for non-dfs) - 4DB (ap's antenna gain) = 13DB ?
So I have to set the maximum power level on 5Ghz 13DB to use only NON-DFS?
The problem is - the same channels 36-48 are DFS with 23 DB.

How can I know is the current channel and power settings currently in DFS or NON-DFS mode?


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I see that the old: library is not including the newest VOIP Recommendations guide was shared by Robert.
There is any location to find new best practices ?


Aviv Kedem