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  • 13 October 2018
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I try to setup Mesh between two APs. One is connected with Ethernet and one not. I found that I must setup one as Root which I try but get the following message:

configured when /wing-config/meshpoint[name='Test'] is not mapped to any interfaces

I litterly have the answer right there, but can't solve it anyway. Therefore I need help, any ideas?

Thank you!

5 replies

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You have to map the created meshpoint to one of the radios.
Go into one of the radio interfaces in the CLI and enter: meshpoint
commit write

Or in the GUI, go into the AP Profile, Radios, WLAN Mappping/Mesh Mapping tab, then select the Meshpoint you created and click the arrow to add it to the radio.
Note though, you want the meshpoint to be BSS1. Ideally, you want the Meshpoint to be the only thing mapped to a radio (don't want to serve clients and also operate with mesh at the same time)

Thank you for a quick reply!

I already did that. I get this error message when I add an "Device Override" for the VC to set it as Root. Or can I skip to set the VC (which has cable connected) as Root?

Thank you.
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Can you provide the output of CLI commands:
' show wireless meshpoint root detail '
' show wireless meshpoint tree '
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The message log you provided suggested that the meshpoint is not properly configured.
Meshpoint-device needs to be assigned to device profile or override.
and Meshpoint needs to be configured for BSS 1 on device override or profile.

If both are configured can you provide the config for both Root and Non-root?
Also please note AP model and current version of code.
hello there ,
im tring the same with 3 Aps 7532i (5.9.3) two of the are with wire and one i want to make it wireless (mesh) i config every think throught the VC ap and creat a mesh point and the cabeld AP's as root the the last one not , i give the mesh ID and enable it and set both 5 and 2,4. but it's not working ,when i check throught putty give me

#sh wire meshpoint sta
bytes bytes pkts pkts kbps kbps
Total number of meshpoint displayed: 0

can you help me please
p.s. i config every think with GUI