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Show type of Antenna

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Hi all,
I have one AP-8533-68SB40 External Antenna. I was installed external antenna. Now, I want to show infomation about it (model of antenna, number of antenna,...)

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You would try to "ask" the AP, what antenna is connected? Not possible, antenna is a passive element. You can't get any information from the AP about the antenna.

It's the other way, you need to inform the AP, what antenna gain you have connected.
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Hello Long,

As Timo said, this is a passive element that does not provide any information itself. Running the command: >show wireless radio detail will provide you with some information, but never the model of the antenna itself.

You can run the command: #help search antenna to see what command options are provided for antennas.

You will have to enter the information yourself for example:
#int radio 1
# service antenna-type ?
ap7161-dipole AP7161 outdoor Dipole antenna
ap7161-vmm AP7161 outdoor VMM antenna
default Radio uses the Default antenna
dipole Omni directional pattern
dual-band Dual-band antenna
dual-polarized-panel Outdoor dual polarized panel antenna (dual polarized
panel antenna for use in outdoors)
embedded Embedded antenna (antenna embedded in ap713x)
in-patch Indoor patch antenna (flat, typically mounted on a
ceiling for indoor only)
omni An Omni-directional antenna
out-omni Outdoor omni antenna (omni antenna for use in
panel Panel antenna (flat, typically mounted on a wall)
patch Patch antenna (flat, typically mounted on a ceiling)
polarized-panel Directional pattern with multiple wave polarization
sector Sector antenna (directional, typically for a
point-to-multipoint link)
yagi A Yagi-Uda antenna (directional, typically for a
point-to-point link)[/code]