Slow or bad connectivity - WM3700 - 2.4GHz Macbook pro

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We are using WM3700 wifi controller

wlan "WiFi MacBook"
ssid MacBook
vlan 25
bridging-mode local
encryption-type tkip-ccmp
authentication-type none
no broadcast-ssid
no answer-broadcast-probes
protected-mgmt-frames optional
wpa-wpa2 psk 0 knabGhe7Y
data-rates 2.4GHz gn-only
data-rates 5GHz a-only

It's working very good with 5GHz but poor or not connectivity when using 2.4GHz
Macbook pro Mid 2009 - Wifi card Broadcom 43XX 1.0 (


Macbook pro Mid 2010 - Wifi card Broadcom 43XX 1.0 (

Same problem with about 20 Macbook pro

Some idea ?

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Hi Pascal,

It's most likely interference in the 2.4GHz frequency band. Where possible it's always best to try and use 5GHz as there is more spectrum available and less chance of interference. Have you tried different channels on the 2.4 radios and/or done a spectrum analysis and checked the SNR of your clients?

Also, looking at the config you've pasted in, just check that TKIP encryption is disabled and use only WPA2 AES CCMP PSK. TKIP can impact performance but won't account for the 2.4/5GHz difference you're seeing.

Hope that helps,
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Please elaborate on what you mean by "poor connectivity":
  • Frequent disconnects
  • latency
  • packet drops
  • slow reconnects
  • slow to pull IP address
  • roaming issues
Please refer to this article for some ideas on where to start: Wireless clients experiencing latency, roaming issues and dropped packets on a WiNG wireless network