Social Captive Portal on AP6522 / AP7522 / AP7532

we are installing WiNG 5.8 Access Points and some Customer asked to enable Social Login based Captive Portal.
We are using mainly AP6522 , AP7522 and AP7532 models, as usually with one AP acting as Virtual Controller.

In our lab, using an RFS4000 and AP6522 and AP7532 we managed to enable Facebook login on an SSID.
RFS4000 acts as Captive Portal server, as DHCP server and as DNS server (to intercept login URL).
With this setup we have some issue in wrong page content display in the Welcome.html, probably because of SSL self-signed certificate.

Now we would like to understand if the following two things are possible:
- collect Facebook user details
- implement the same solution without RFS controller, in VC scenario

Checking the code I found that Facebook user details are sent as POST field to /cgi-bin/hslogin.cgi
But beside that I found no way to get these info stored in the controller or to forward them to any external server.
In which way I can collect these info? Do we need to change in some way the .html files?

Is possible to implement the social login, including the used profile data collection, using Virtual Controller (and maybe a separate external database server)?


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Hi Leonardo,

there are certain details social authentication shares and WiNG allows you to capture.
After the user authentication is complete, additional API calls are made to obtain the user’s public profile and email address. The WiNG app can only request for certain fields of the user’s profile. They are:
  • id
  • name
  • first_name
  • last_name
  • link to the profile picture
  • gender
  • locale
  • email address
Please note that the user credentials are not stored by the AP or Controller. Also, the WiNG Application does not receive any of the information not shared publicly by the user.

Also, as this is almost standard captive portal redirection, it should be no problem for a virtual controller to run such service. It always depends on number of clients.

If you want to have a guest database you may consider using VX-9000 to act as MongoDB server storing Captive Portal data.

Let me know if you need more details.

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you can make it working with the VC or any other deloyment.
You would need a standalone VX9000 (no licenses needed at all) and use it as external database server to collect and store guest user information from Facebook/Google public profiles.

You can follow this howto document that covers similar setup with external registration database:

Also since you are using facebook/google dev consoles, they can also provide some analytics natively.

Let me know if you have any questions.