The Hub category conversation view broken?

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Is anyone else experiencing this issue? On the Categories page you can see conversation previews and click on them, but if you select any specific category no conversations show up (see below). Problem started yesterday with new posts not showing up.

Apologies' in advance if I should be posting this directly to the site Admin, but couldn't find a suitable link.

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Try using different web browser if have not already. I use chrome with out issues.
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I would, believe me, but I can't even log into the site with Chrome. It gets stuck on a fastpass pop-up screen, and doesn't login.

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Is this happening even after you cleared your browser cache?


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Actually, I have the same issue even I try IE, Chrome, Firefox, clear cache and restart the browser.
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It looks like this is a platform-wide issue. Thanks for letting us know, I'll get it reported to our provider.
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The platform must have been on holiday yesterday 😉

Its working fine now in IE. Chrome still doesn't work for me, never has.
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Our community platform provider (Get Satisfaction) released a fix for this early this morning.