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trying to add access points to Virtual Controller in VLAN 998 fails

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I created a config on a AP7552Express via the GUI but now I'm unable to adopt additional access points to the configuration.

I have changed the default VLAN into 998 and added an IP to it.

  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • vlan1 unassigned n/a UP up
  • vlan300 unassigned n/a UP up
  • vlan301 unassigned n/a UP up
  • vlan998 primary UP up
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
but when I boot the 2nd AP it fails with the following error;

%USER-3-ERR: main.pyo: * * ERROR: add new client config failed
%USER-3-ERR: main.pyo: * * ERROR: 3 - /wing-config/device[mac=74-67-F7-A5-67-A8] Overloaded interface vlan1 in NAT config is not present

How should I configure the VC to start adopting?

Or do they really need to be in VLAN1 for this?

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Hi Ronald,

could you attach a running configuration from the virtual controller?

By default the VLAN1 is expected to broadcast adoption requests and SwiftUI is designed to be simple system, hence a certain configuration is expected here.

I would recommend first to get that AP adopted by VC and then change the VLAN assignation.

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Hi Ondrej,

I cannot share the configuration yet. It was lost after I accidently disabled GE1 as stated in the other post I have 😉

I'm currently recreating the config so I guess I will leave the default VLAN at 1 instead of changing it into 998.
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I was able to create a working config, it now adopts the other access points via VLAN 998.

#case closed.