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Tunnel L2TPv3

I would like create a tunnel L2TPv3 between a rfs4000 and ap7522 but when i type a command sh l2tpv3 tunnel vlanxxx in rfs4000 controller. The controller write a result "error:could not fetch L2TPv3 stats"
nobody have a solution
Best regards

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Hello Yohan,

L2TPv3 show command needs full tunnel name, which is unique per tunnel endpoint. You can see the name in the tunnel-summary, e.g.:
NX55#show l2tpv3 tunnel-summary
Sl No Tunnel Name Peer Tunnel State Tunnel Mode Estd/Total Sessions Encapsulation Proto
1 VLAN7-214-8533-sjc-1- 1 Established Active 1/1 IP
2 VLAN7-215-8533-blr-1- 1 Established Active 1/1 IP
3 VLAN7-219-8533-brq-1- 1 Established Active 1/1 IP
Total Number of Tunnels 3[/code]then you can use this name to fetch detailed tunnel stats:
NX55#show l2tpv3 tunnel VLAN7-214-8533-sjc-1-
Tunnel Name : VLAN7-214-8533-sjc-1-
Control connection id : 12995412
Peer Address :
Local Address :
Encapsulation Protocol : IP
MTU : 1460
Peer Host Name : 8533-sjc-1
Peer Vendor Name : Extreme Networks
Peer Control Connection ID : 4080736026
Tunnel State : Established
Tunnel Mode : Active
Establishment Criteria : always
Sequence number of the next msg to the peer : 2
Expected sequence number of the next msg from the peer :6428
Sequence number of the next msg expected by the peer : 2
Retransmission count : 0
Reconnection count : 0
Uptime : 0 days 18 hours 9 minutes 32 seconds
Session Name : VLAN7
VLANs : 7
Pseudo Wire Type : Ethernet_VLAN
Serial number for the session : 217
Local Session ID : 56286258
Remote Session ID : 56112662
Size of local cookie (0, 4 or 8 bytes) : 0
First word of local cookie : 0
Second word of local cookie : 0
Size of remote cookie (0, 4 or 8 bytes) : 0
First word of remote cookie : 0
Second word of remote cookie : 0
Session state : Established
Remote End ID : 7
Trunk Session : 1
Native VLAN tagged : Enabled
Native VLAN ID :
Egress rate limit : Disabled
Ingress rate limit : Disabled
Number of packets received : 2494
Number of bytes received : 156612
5 minute input rate : 14.72 bps
Number of packets sent : 640429
Number of bytes sent : 56754428
5 minute output rate : 7.1 Kbps
Number of packets dropped : 0[/code]Hope this helps
thank' s Slava for your response

But when i type command sh l2tpv3 tunnel-summary

this means you either a) dont have any tunnel configured or b) none of the endpoints (APs) are able to reach your RFS and establish a tunnel. Please share your config
this a config of my ap 7522

and this is config of my controller

rfs4000 B4-C7-99-F9-B7-DD
use profile default-rfs4000
use rf-domain default
hostname rfs4000-F9B7DD
license AAP xxxxxxx
ip default-gateway
interface ge1
switchport mode trunk
switchport trunk native vlan 1
no switchport trunk native tagged
switchport trunk allowed vlan 1,119,2100
interface vlan119
ip address
logging on
logging console warnings
logging buffered warnings
l2tpv3 tunnel vlan119
peer 1 hostname any router-id any
no local-ip-address
mtu 1460
use l2tpv3-policy default
session vlan119 pseudowire-id 119 traffic-source vlan 119
no hostname
no router-id
establishment-criteria cluster-master
no use critical-resource
no fast-failover
you dont have any cluster configured, do you?

In that case change "establishment-criteria" from cluster-master to always under RFS tunnel configuration. Otherwise RFS will never bring the tunnel UP, since it is not part of any cluster.

are you testing with one AP and one RFS? Could you share full confg, and not just snippets, please?
with the change "establishment-criteria" from always the tunnel is established.But the ap7522 do not download the conf on rfs4000