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Unable to login to AP7562

  • 16 October 2019
  • 9 replies


I’ve got a problem - one of our Access Point goes offline with no reason. When we connect to console and type login/password, it doesn’t accept it. Only way to make it alive is to use login/pass for reset AP to default settings and reload config. 

All AP has identical configuration, but any AP can ‘freeze’.

Could you tell me where is the bug?





9 replies

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So the AP begins behaving as if the login password has changed to something unknown?

And this happens ONLY to 1 of the APs?

Yes Chris, it’s sounds crazy, but you’re right), and not only one AP goes offline, but any of it (now it happened with 5 different APs). 

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Do the APs that are affected actually show as being ONLINE on the RFS4000?  (Do you see their icons listed in the tree hierarchy?)

If AP become offline, I can’t see it in the tree and in online adopted devices on dashboard. After reseting AP is appear on dashboard in online devices.

When we try to connect to AP locally, PC shows that Ethernet port is UP, but network is unreachable.

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Okay….so when this issue happens to an AP, the AP shows as ‘Offline’ on the RFS4000, correct?

Can you provide any indication of how often this happens?  (Every 5 minutes, every 6 hours?)

When it happens, is it only happening to a single AP at a time? (Or are you seeing multiple APs affected at a time?)

AP shows as ‘Offline’ on the RFS4000, correct?

Yes, correct.

Frequency of occurrence approximately once a week single access point.

We see it just with one AP at one time. Next time it can be different AP.

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I only see three ways this could be happening.

  1. The random AP is somehow having a different AP Profile applied to it (which then includes a different management policy that contains a different password.
  2. The AP’s adoption is being redirected to a different controller, which pushes out a different AP profile to it - which then again contains a different management policy that has a different password in it.
  3. There’s some sort of VERY weird bug causing this.

To rule out #1, can you confirm that you only have the 1 or 2 different management Policies on the RFS4000?  You might only have 1 (the “default”).  Or you may have created a custom one that is applied to both the controller profile and the AP profile.  But...if you see any additional management policies listed that you don’t use or recognize, delete them.


To address #2, log onto one of the AP’s CLI.  run the command:

#show mint known-adopters

(Even if this results in only showing you the MINT ID of the RFS4000 (which is what you WANT to see), you might want to run this again when this problem re-occurs.  The result here should only give one MINT ID.  You can verify that it matches the RFS4000 MINT ID by running the command: show mint id on the RFS4000 CLI.)  If you see more than 1 MINT ID listed, then this means that there’s another device on the network that is capable of adopting APs.  Unless you know that this is expected, this would be HIGHLY suspicious and could very likely be the cause of the problem.


If neither of these give any results...then I’m stumped….for now.  I’d recommend contacting GTAC at this point for further assistance.

Hello Chris!

I restricted access to RFS, deleted management policy (now its only one - default). Now just one ‘default’.

In known adopters now is only one too.

Will wait for next ‘freeze’


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Okay...so at this point, now that you have that configured, all I can tell you is that if this happens again, that either someone in messing with you ( does anyone else know the login to the system?) or there’s a bug that I’m not aware of that is causing this.

Wait and see….