Using eGuest with non Extreme WiFi Solution

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Hi Community

We are in the process of proposing eGuest for a client that utilizes WING AP's across numerous stores. The client has one or two stores that runs a "Non Extreme WiFi Solution".

On the "Non Extreme WiFi Solution" the SSID can be configured to authenticate to an external Captive portal.
If we point this this External Captive portal to eGuest, will eGuest be able to authenticate the client and get stats?

A similair post was done a few months ago here:


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Andre, you will need to deploy an NX5500 or NX7500 which will serve as the captive portal. It will be inline between the the 3rd party (non-Extreme) Access Points and your default gateway.


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Hi Shmulik

So the question then, do we need to point any authentication from the 3rd party wifi to the inline NX/VX device? or does the VX/NX act as a standard proxy server that redirect unreg mac's to authenticate first without any auth config on the 3rd part wifi?

Does Extreme have any deployment guide for eGuest with 3rd Party WiFi solutions?

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no ... no need to configure auth on the 3rd party Access Points. The CP on the NX5500/NX7500 will do that against ExtremeGuest. The user is displayed with the CP on NX5500/NX7500 which will go backend and auth against ExtremeGuest.