view visited web pages in nsight

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I have a vx9000 with Nsight installed.

I have dpi metadata enable and I can see the applications by use, for example, windows-store, whatsapp, ssl, http, facebook, etc.

Is there any way from Nsight to be able to see the web pages visited by the client?

And the location of the client?

And the clients who are in the building but are not connected to the wifi?


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Please see the Latest WiNG 5.X NSight Deployment Guide :
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Any traffic sent over HTTPS is encrypted and you'll only be able to see the domain and how much bandwidth was consumed.
Location information is highly dependent on your deployment and mapping accuracy.
If you've got clients not connected to the wireless, you may be able to see their locations with the right set up, but you won't get any of their traffic information.
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I have used the manual that you indicate to me to configure the service. That manual is very complete.


I understand that the https traffic is encrypted and I can only see the domain.

But I see the total traffic http and I do not see the pages visited by each client in Nsight. It may be possible that this particular data can not be seen from Nsight?

For the location part and clients not connected to the wireless I have seen the ExtremeLocation solution that is designed to do this.

I only need to know how to see the http web pages visited by customers.

Could it be that I need ExtremeGuest or ExtremeAirDefense for this?