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VX9000 and Xen

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i trying to install the iso into my Xen Lab but dont boot. Have some tips to install into XEN?


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Hello Rodrigo - We have good VX9000 Virtual Controller Installation Guide that covers this install process. Here is the link where this guide is posted:

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the doc dont have any info for work with Xen 😞

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Hi Rodrigo - the reference to XEN is noted on page 4 of the VX9000 Installation guide noting "Installing the VX Virtualized Controller on a Hypervisor"

Ensure a Hypervisor (ESXi, Xen, Hyper V) is installed in your server environment or the downloaded .iso
image will not run.

Here is additional information noted in this official KCS article 🙂

Does the VX-9000 support XenServer v7 for VM installation?

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I'm reading the last doc and previous doc. In the first doc dont show anything about resource for Xen, CPU, Disk, etc... Can extrapolate from Hyper-V or VMware.

If use the option other install media, the installation is extreme slowly, even if put 4GB, 4 CPU and 10GB for disk.

Is possible try to improve the installation iso for Xen? When install showme some advance and i see info about detecting Xen, disk type xvda, etc... xentool preinstalled is better. That permit use in the VM optimization like vmotion, etc...

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I have a Xen server and I have no issues installing VX9000. Yes its slower install than VMware but still not super slow. I do have my iso files in a storage repository on the Xen server. What is your vm build process?
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Hi Robert!

create VM using other media install, i choose 4GB for ram, 10GB disk, 4 cores 2x2 and select the media from repository and waiting to showme info about install process.


pd:reboot dont work from xencenter is necessary xentools installed.
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is it possible you are out of hard drive space? Any errors in the xen logs?