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Warehouse wireless coverage with dipoles on 7632e vs. 7632i

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I've been working on a design for a 253,000 sq. ft. warehouse (~300 x 800) with 36' ceilings (bottom of steel ceiling joists). The original predictive design done with one of our distributors used WiNG 7632i's mounted to the bottom of those joists and we ended up with 35 AP's, roughly 75' apart. I'm concerned about temperature at that height and the "e" version allows for a much higher ambient temp, but would put me into dipoles quite high up (did not budget for separate antennas due to original design). I'm worried about CCI but I also have to contend with the possibility of fully laden shelving at nearly full ceiling height. My question, do you think I'm safe to go with the "e" units with standard dipoles (rubber duck) and use dynamic radio power to control CCI? Is there any benefit to orienting the dipoles to try and limit CCI at the ceiling level?

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I would not recommend rubber ducks for 36' height. I think internal antenna is a downtilt antenna, can't compare with a rubber duck.
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Timo wrote:

I would not recommend rubber ducks for 36' height. I think internal antenna is a downtilt antenna, can't compare with a rubber duck.

That's what I was thinking too, but the temp range on the internal antenna unit is too low at 104f.
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Anyone able to confirm if the downtilt assumption is accurate on the 7632i? Having a tough time finding antenna bias specs for it. If not, can anyone recommend an Extreme antenna which might be effective in this scenario (relatively long beam in one direction (trying to reach about 220' up/down the aisles), short in the other (to reduce CCI with the next aisle))?
7632i https://documentation.extremenetworks.com/WiNG/WLAN_Antennas/Antenna_Guide/WiNG_Hardware/Antenna_Gui...

7622i https://documentation.extremenetworks.com/WiNG/WLAN_Antennas/Antenna_Guide/WiNG_Hardware/Antenna_Gui...

7632 doesn't look like a downtilt to me, but 7622 does. Can someone from Extreme double check this please?

I always try to use directional antennas in warehouse but like you I sometimes need an occasional ceiling-mounted omni.
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Hello All,

AP7532 also downtilted for me.
But luckily for us the WING 5.9 added some lack of power...

Unfortunately from my tests I see that HP indoor internal antennas ap's giving about 10dbm above extreme wing indoor internal antennas ap's. Maybe HP can cross regulation rules.

As I think the best wing indoor internal antennas AP was AP6532 (as AP6532EXT ANT was the best ap ever)


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I'm seeing a lot of competition from ruckus is this space and the integrated antenna on their units seems to be helping them steal a lot of our wing business. Would really like a better integrated unit with both a bit more directional bias and higher temp extremes.