Webinar || Life Critical Wireless Networks, The Changing Requirement

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The life critical wireless network needs to be secure but also have the ability to support all the different and complex mobility requirements in healthcare. This wireless ecosystem extends beyond data and voice but also infusion pumps, patient monitoring, video, and bring your own devices, (BYOD).
In this webinar, Life Critical Wireless Networks, The Changing Requirement, Dave Hoglund of Integra Systems will discuss and explore:
  • How is this changing WLAN requirement is driving new needs for application SLAs and enterprise security
  • Why technology commoditization is changing acquisition models
  • The value of network based business intelligence and how this will decrease costs, improve security, decrease risk, and improve compliance
Make your changing requirement for a life critical wireless network provide financial, security, and operational benefits.

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The webinar will take place on Wednesday, February 8, 2016 at 1pm Eastern Standard Time and will be available afterwards to those who register in case you miss it.

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