What is the recommended WM3600 Wireless controller version?

Hi all,

I have some questions about WM3600 Wireless controller:
1. What is the recommended firmware version for this controller:
2. AP4600 and AP4700 are compatible with this version?
3.What models of AP ( with similar features of AP4600 and AP4700), do you recommended for WM3600 ?

Thanks in advanced !

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1. The recommended version of software for the WM3600 is it's final software release, WM3600-
2. The AP4600 and AP4700 are supported on this version.
3. Other supported models include AP4021, AP4022, AP4511, AP4521, AP4522, and AP4532. AP3500 series APs are NOT supported.

For full release information check the release notes which can be found on the Support Portal.
Thanks for your answer!