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WiNG 4 AP Serial Number list

Hi All, in WiNG 5 we can issue 'sh adopt info' and get a readout of all AP's currently online. Is there a WiNG 4 equivalent?

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Via GUI:
Use the Adopted AP tab for gathering device hardware address and software version information for the Access Port.
Use this information to determine whether the Access Port’s version supports the optimal feature set available for the
To view existing adopted Access Port information:
1. Select Network > Access Port from the main menu tree.
2. Click the Adopted AP tab.
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Via CLI:

rfs7000-37FABE(config)#show wireless ap configured
1 ap71xx-4AA708 00-04-96-4A-A7-08 default-ap71xx default un-adopted
2 ap71xx-11E6C4 00-23-68-11-E6-C4 default-ap71xx default un-adopted
3 ap650-000001 00-A0-F8-00-00-01 default-ap650 default un-adopted
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I don't think that via cli you can get the output of the APs serial numbers, GUI is your best bet.

Here is the Syntax
show wireless [ap|client|domain|mesh|meshpoint|radio|regulatory|sensor-server|
show wireless ap {configured|detail|load-balancing|on }
show wireless ap {configured}
show wireless ap {detail} {} {(on )}
show wireless ap {load-balancing} {client-capability|events|neighbors} {(on )}
Thanks for the replies, very much appreciated!

The answer in my case is that the MAC also doubles as the Serial Number (on the AP300 at least) Thanks Andrew Webster for that.
It means I can easily log inventory from 'sh wi ap' alone 🙂