wing 5.8.5 reports AP's as down but they are not

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Hi Andrew
I think I will take the RFS units offline and remove the startup-confing from them then fire tha last known config back in, this was taken on the 26/5/17, As I know this config was working it should rule out the RFS and the AP's. The plan is to do this tomorrow morning.

I have setup a new vlan on the nortel switches vlan800 - now this is where i struggle a bit
if I setup vlan 800 do i set the cluster vlan to 800 on the RFS units and then on the AP's set the controller valn to 800 ?

then on the AP under networks ge1 set the native vlan to 800 ? and then allow the other two vlans 1,10
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Its all back up and working,
Broke the cluster , cleared the startup-configs on primary and backup units then took each AP down and deleted the startup-config , Pushed the last good startup-config to the primary RFS and put the AP's back online one at a time.

VLAN800 will be for the ap's to communicate woth the RFS,
So unger GE1on the rfs the mode is trunk
natvive Vlan 800
then tag the native vlan
and the allowed vlans 1,10

On the nortel switch on the port the a member or vlan 1,10,800 and tagall

Under cluster do ia set the cluster valn to 800

and on the AP under adoption do I set the controller vlan to 800

the under ethernet ports ge1 set the native vlan to 800 and tag it and then allow vlans 1,10

then on the switch the AP's connect to have the port a member of vlan 800,1,10 and tagall ?