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Wing AP 7502E IPTV Streaming issue. [Freezing]

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Dear All
I am using AP7502E for many of our customers. All the place I am facing issue in IPTV Vlan. IPTV network is up and running but if I assign IPTV vlan in any port (eg.FE1) or I create an SSID of IPTV Vlan and connect its STB to our AP's WLAN, the video streaming getting freezing.

Is there any configuration command in the interface level of the IPTV?

I kindly request you to please help me for fixing this IPTV issue permanently with AP 7502E.

Thanks & Regeards
Abdul Raheem

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Hello Abdul,

for performance issues and configuration advices you should consider raising a technical support case with GTAC team or speak with your sales engineer who could propose suitable solution for you.

See this GTAC article - How to Access the Extreme Portal for Support-related Activities Like Case Management

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Dear Ondrej

Thank you very much. let me contact the support.