WING AP 7662/7632 antenna guide

  • 9 February 2018
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I´m looking for a WING antenna guide with AP7662/AP7632. I found only one without these types. Is there a current version available ?


6 replies

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Expand chapter 5 and you'll find both of them there.
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Thx for the link but this was the document I found without information about AP7662/AP7632 external antennas.
I´m missing the list of supported external antennas like the other APs in this document.

Hello i suppose that dont matter what kind of acces point, series 6500 series 7500 or series 76 , the antenna Is that really present the parttern un theory.
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Yes, that's a possible standing. But FCC and IETF require a validation of RF equipment especially on outdoor installations.
So the vendor has to define and validate the approved equipment.
It´s like all the other APs defined in the sheet, but the new AP76xx are missing there.

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I suppose they haven't yet added these models to the document. The quick reference guide and installation guide do mention output power, gain and approved antennas but these seem to be FCC and ISED related.

If I use AP7662e ML-2452-PNA5-01R. How many antenna for one AP?

Thank you.