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WiNG AP and RFS controller logging to SSH session

  • 24 May 2019
  • 3 replies

Is there a simple way to get the event-history to display in an SSH session on WiNG APs and RFS controllers? We have a range of APs: AP650 to AP7532/8232.

3 replies

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via CLI command ' show event-history'
Sorry for not explaining myself.

What I had in mind was "display in real time" i.e. immediately as the messages are logged, like the Cisco "terminal monitor" command.
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Hi Chris,

By default logging on the AP is disabled.
Once logging is enabled on device assuming you are concerned about seeing logs when in a ssh session.
You can enable log monitor and set viewing level
VX-LAB#logging monitor ?
0-7 Logging severity level
alerts Immediate action needed (severity=1)
critical Critical conditions (severity=2)
debugging Debugging messages (severity=7)
emergencies System is unusable (severity=0)
errors Error conditions (severity=3)
informational Informational messages (severity=6)
notifications Normal but significant conditions (severity=5)
warnings Warning conditions (severity=4)