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Wing ap7522 is not managing with WING RFS4000 controller

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an auto adoption policy is used to define the rf-domain and profile of a device being adopt to the controller. if a policy is not defined the AP will adopt using the default RF-domain and default policy

which is what is happening to this access point

p7522 B8-50-01-74-D8-40
use profile default-ap7522
use rf-domain default

it is then possible to amend the profile and domain manually.

auto adoption policy is a method to automating which rf-domain and which profile is assigned to an access point, using a unique site identifier
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this need to added to the configuration on the controller not the AP

p7522 B8-50-01-74-D8-40
use prof ile default-ap7522
use rf-domain default
hostname ap7522-74D840
ip default-gateway
interface ge1
description Trunk
switchport mode trunk
switchport trunk native vlan 1
no switchport trunk native tagged
switchport trunk allowed vlan 1-4094
interface vlan1
ip address
controller host level 2

oh sorry chris, i modify, know i recover the controller configuration well