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WiNG Captive Portal - Include MAC Address in Redirect URL

  • 18 July 2019
  • 4 replies

Is there a way to have the MAC Address of the connecting device included in the Redirect URL provided back to the client for External Captive Portal authentication?

We have an external Guest Registration portal using Aruba Clearpass which will populate the device into a local database for MAC Authentication however the MAC Address is not passed across to the registration page from the WiNG AP.

This functionality currently works using an Aruba WiFi solution however we are trying to migrate over to an Extreme solution and this is currently one of the issues we are trying to resolve.

Thanks in Advance

4 replies

Hello Mheywood,

do you already found a solution?



I was able to find the answer on this forum. It works perfectly now appending the MAC Address of the client into the redirect.



Hello Mheywood,

can you give me a hint how you added this tag to the ClearPass role?



Hi Stefan

I am not sure how to pass this into the Clearpass request to assign the device a role for access request. This was more about using an HTTP Redirect through the Captive Portal to include the MAC Address for use with Guest Registration Pages. 

For what you are looking for you would need to use one of the inbuilt values from the Clearpass service profiles.