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Wing CLI question

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We want to clear a bunch of overrides on a bunch of APs and their radios that was set. Is there a way to mass-clear overrides to prevent of from touching the config of each one individually?

We're using Wing 5.8 on a vx9000 controller.

Thanks for all the help lately guys!!

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Depending on your configuration and how the overrides were implemented, will change the answer

1) If you have a Controller or Virtual Controller and the changes were made in the Profile. In this case, remove the override from the Profile

2) If the APs are adopted to a Controller or Virtual Controller and the changes were made to the APs, the changes can be made on the Controllers to each adopted AP

3) If the are STANDALONE APs, the changes need to be made to each AP
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They are AP7532's that are adopted to a VX9000 controller. There is a profile applied to this particular RF Domain, but the overrides are blocking the profile (as they should).

Things were done backwards and we're trying to clean it up now, so we want the profile settings to take precedence.
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This matches #2. You will need t go into each of the APs that are adopted to the Controller and change their profile on the Controller
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Bummer, ok well thanks
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Hello Jacob,

This picture shows you how the device final configuration comes.
Changes on configuration made to devices (APs) are only applied to those devices.

Best regards,
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You can remove the overwrite via CLI:

vx9000-9CEAAA(config)#ap7522 84-24-8D-1A-AA-AA
vx9000-9CEAAA(config-device-84-24-8D-1A-AA-AA)#remove-override interface radio 1

This remove all settings for radio 1 on AP level.