Wing express AP 7502 initial configuration

  • 27 June 2018
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Hi Team,

Actually, I am doing initial configuration with individual AP and PC without a controller,

So, what are the steps needed to configure AP without a controller, only IP setting?


NIyas P

3 replies

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The initial step will be lo log into the WEB INTERFACE.

The APs ge1 port is configured as an ACCESS port utilizing DHCP to obtain an I/P

Wing Express does not allow CLI configuration updates.

Once you are in the AP, you can then set it to a Static I/P

Depending on the release, there is a configuration guide that will lead you through a basic configuration

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Hi there,

Here's the Quick Reference Card for this AP:

The relevant section is Basic Ap-7502 Configuration:
To provide the Access Point with a basic configuration and access WiNG management functions, open a browser and enter the IP address printed on the serial label on the Access Point: https://[i].

Log in to the system using the default username (admin) and password (admin123).
1. On the Configuration -> Basic Settings screen, enter the AP Name and Country Name.2. On the Configuration -> Wireless screen, enter the desired Name, SSID, Security, and WPA2 Key parameters.

Also, here's the latest WiNG Express User Guide. AP Configuration starts on page 9:

Hope that helps!

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If running WiNG v5.9 on Express AP, the following link is the latest Express User Guide for v5.9.x: