Wing express LAN settings disable by deault

Can you please change the way wing express disables the LAN port as the default behavior after updating VLAN settings. It is extremely frustrating to make this change by accident only to realise you have disabled all LAN access on all of your newly configured AP's and have to factory reset each one via console cable. I'm sure this has happens to everyone at some stage.

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Hello Simon,

thank you for your comment on this behavior.
I will bring this questions to WebGUI team to consider mentioned change.

However, try to imagine another situation - SwiftUI is not mentioned only for single GE port APs and has wider span to i.e. NX5500E where six GE ports exists.
Addition, accidental, of unwanted VLANs could cause much more troubles (loops / floods) than the port down actually. To me this seems to be rather a prevention, yet annoying one 🙂

I will keep you posted about GUI team's comments if you wish.

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Hello Simon,

To better understand what you are experiencing, please provide us with more details such as:

  1. AP/Controller model
  2. Firmware version
  3. Are you using a Virtual or WING Exrpess controller?
  4. Steps taken to make VLAN setting changes
I ran a quick test on one of our WiNG Express APs and was not able to reproduce the issue.

Kind regards,

Sorry here is some more detail.

All firmware versions
Virtual controller
Add additional allowed vlans via express GUI.
LAN port automatically sets to disabled.
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I raised a bug report and this behavior shall be fixed in further releases of WiNG.

Please wait for SPR-31767 to be mentioned in Issues Fixed section of Release Notes.

Perfect. Thanks. Should make life easier for others using a virtual controller.