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With Wing Express Manager NX5500E there is no facility using the GUI to tunnel a WLAN from an access point to the controller. I have an implementation to replace AP300 and WS5100 and the LAN infrastructure switch port setup details that the AP300 are connected is not currently available to me. The WS5100 uplink is configured as a trunk with an allowed VLAN list. The AP300 are configured for WLANs each on a different VLAN which will be tunnelled to the controller.

I would like to initially replicate this with Wing Express Manager and AP7522E during initial implementation with a view to ideally set the WLAN's to local bridge once the system in in place and working - this will be subject to how the customer has configured the switch ports of course.

By amending the NX5500E config file I can set the WLANs to tunnel but will this work and is it a supported configuration??

Thanks for any clarity on this.

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The WING EXPRESS MANAGER does not support tunneled data.
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In order to use the WLAN tunnelled data, you need the full version (ie: not Express). Speak to whoever sold you the system, because they didn't sell you the right solution based on your described needs.
Thanks Andy, do you mean it shouldn't work, or its an in-supported configuration - it does appear to work from the testing I am doing.
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Wing Express was developed as a low cost solution built on the Enterprise Wing platform. As such, some of the configuration options were limited by design.

As a result, some thing may work, but they will not be supported.

As a rule of thumb, unless a feature can be implemented from the WEB Interface, it is not supported. The full Enterprise product will give you a supported solution
Thanks Andy, I understand the rationale - you get what you pay for as the saying goes.