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Wing Express - restrict SSID to only part of access points

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We would like to use one Wing Express controller with roughly 50 AP7522 access points but I would like to restrict a certain SSID to only be in use on 25% of those access points. This would allow us to restrict the area of a specific SSID. Can this be realised with Wing Express or should I add a 2nd separate controller?

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ok first at all , you need to apply the same profile till then apply override over the AP that you need only certain SSID.
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In WiNG Express, the configuration that are performed at the system level can be modified at Site level and Device level (which Jesus referenced). Site provide the ability to allow administrators to override Wireless LAN SSID names and VLAN assignments for Access Points assigned to the Site.

In your case, you could put 25% of those APs in one site and the other APs use other site.

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Excellent, thanks guys for the input.

We are still in the design phase so this means I can continue my plan with a controller and 7522's.

I'm gonna start digging into the manual 😉