Wing express upgrade from 5.7 to 5.8

I need to upgrade my wing express from to 5.8, the upgrade is direct or need to upgrade to intermediate version.

thanks in adv


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Hi Antero,

You can safely upgrade from WiNG 5.7.x to WiNG 5.8.x. No intermediate step up upgrade is required. You can review/download the WiNG 5.8.6 release notes at the following link:
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Hello Antero,

You can go directly from 5.7.x to 5.8.x. The release notes will provide you with the upgrade steps and information. There is no need for an intermediary version.


thanks for the help, the upgrade is running. i'm starting from the Access point joined to controller first and then i'll upgrade the virtual controller.
I want to do the same thing, but i cant download the firmware because im entitled to, do you have a site where i can download the 5.8 firmware so i can update my AP's
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Hello Alex,

Firmware downloads require a service contract. If you don't have a one, please contact one of our partners for assistance on same:

To search for a partner in your area please follow this link:

Once done, you can follow these instructions for firmware download:


Dear friends

Can I use mesh with 1 device wing 5.6 and 1 device wing 5.7?
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Hello Tuan,

APs on both ends of the mesh should be on the same firmware version. You cannot mesh APs with different firmware versions.