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WiNG - how to reduce the number of profiles ?

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Hi there,

I'm deploying wireless AP and I cannot create new profiles because I reched the maximum of 256 profiles.
I would like to reduce the number of profiles I use.
In my deployment, I created 1 profile for each room/auditorium/hall mainly to limit the client load-balancing in each zone. But now I have 256 profiles for around 520 APs deployed and configured in my VX9000.
Here is what I imagine to do :
  • create an alias string at device level containing the nome of the load-balance group-id and use this alias in the parameter "load-balance group-id" at profile level so I can use same profile for a single AP model. But I'm not sure I can use an alias in this parameter.
  • remove "load-balancing group-id" generally except for auditoriums and similar zones. Using a "generic" profil for all other APs
  • define the "load-balance group-id" parameter at device level, creating an configuration override for all my APs
Anybody there have any recommandation and/or best practice for me ?

Best regards,
Romain M.

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Hello Romain,

you can think of using AnyAP profile and do particular changes to a specific APs where needed?

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Here is the WiNG Best Practice document for your reference.
I dont understood why profile by ROM, what Is your goal with this configuration? Hole recovery? Auto increase of Power?
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Thank you for the answers.

The main goal when I created a profile per room (about 3 years ago) was to prevent users connected in room A to be load-balanced on APs of the auditorium because I want auditorium's APs to connect mainly users present in the auditorium and not getting load from users in other rooms. (I hope this explanation to be clear enough)

I think I will use a profile "AnyAP" or a profile for each rf-domain I have and keep specific profiles for auditoriums.