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WInG RFS 7000 VSA Attributes

Can anyone share the VSA attributes for RFS7000 Controller

As we are planning for dynamic vlan assignment for wireless client based on their group with the help of AD & NPS Server.

We have similar done this similar with aruba controller and working well

Sharing the setup of aruba VSA for reference purpose :

You can achieve this by using the Aruba VSAs above. For example, on NPS create a newtork policy for the "IT" group and assign VLAN XYZ.Policy Name - Wireless-IT-VLAN-Assignment

Type of Network Access Server - Unspecified

Conditions - add whatever you typically add; but make sure you have Windows Group matches IT

Acesss Granted

EAP Type - add whatever authentication types you use

Constraints - NONE

RADIUS Attributes

  • Click Vendor Specific; click Add
  • Choose Vendor Specific from the Vendor choice; click Add
  • Click to add attribute information
  • Select Vendor Code = 14823 and Yes it conforms, click Configure Attributes
  • Choose 2 as your assigned attribute number (for Aruba-User-VLAN in the above table)
  • Attribute format = integer (decimal for IAS/NPS)
  • Attribute value = XYZ (VLAN number)
  • Click OK to close out

On your Server Group that has the NPS servers defined, add a server derived rule that will look for this attribute from NPS and then apply the VLAN. This will set the VLAN to whatever value is sent by NPS for Aruba-User-VLAN (or to NPS, Vendor 14823, attribvute 2).

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Userlevel 4

Tunnel-Medium-Type: 802
Tunnel-Type: VLAN

That's all RADIUS standard attributes.