Wireless Mobility v5.3 access denied

Hello all! I have ran into an issue with our current WM3700 unit running WM v5.3. I was recently having an issue with making a new SSID appear on our active radios. It turns out that something had happened and their default configuration was being overridden. After clearing out the override on one specific AP to ensure this was the issue, I proceeded to make the changes to the other access points. I completed the changes and clicked on SAVE. At this point, the unit locked up and started throwing connection errors. All buttons where disabled, and I was forced to close the browser tab. I attempted to reconnect, and it timed out for about 2-3 minutes, then came back up to the login screen...acting as though it had physically rebooted.

Once the device came back online, logging in has proven to be impossible. It keeps giving me the error MEC1000E CRITICAL. I will attach a snip of the error. No usernames or passwords allow me to log in to the console, including the default username and passwords such as admin123 or abc123.

As of this point, all SSID's work and will allow anyone with the key to connect. Its almost like all configuration settings work, except for the login username and password for the wm 5.3 dashboard.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. I appreciate it very much.

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Hi John,

Are you able to log in via SSH? Or does that fail as well?

I will attempt to connect via ssh. I'm assuming just use putty, plug in the IP address and hit connect? Or are there different settings? Afaik all settings to ssh into it are set to default.
Well SSH times out, and now the web GUI will not load and hangs at "Loading Application." A hard reboot did not seem to fix the issue. Any suggestions?

EDIT: Also the SSID's are still working as is any traffic put through the AP's.
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At this point, I'd see if you can log in on the console port. If you can log in, I would suggest looking at the management policy to make sure it looks correct.
Thanks, I will be trying that shortly and will post whether or not this let me resolve the issue.
I was able to log into the device with the console. Everything seems correct, but is there something special to show what interfaces are active? As in, is there an area within the console cli that I can enable or disable different interfaces such as the web GUI, or to even see what interfaces are shut down? Will it have the same command as exos "configure web http access-profile" I appreciate the help so far, in case you couldn't tell I'm new to this system and have been spoiled by GUI's.
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For IP interfaces the best command to view the status is "show ip interface brief"

You will probably also want to check the management policy configuration "show running-config management-policy " and the device configuration.

To check the device specific configuration enter the following commands:

configure t
show context[/code]
If you want to post these outputs in the thread we can help review them. You might also want to consider opening up a case with the GTAC to speed up the troubleshooting.
Well it is up and running. The vlan had lost its IP, along with any ability to SSH, telnet etc. Why? I don't know but after going back through and checking the settings again I noticed it. Thank you all for the help, have a good day!
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When you cleared the overrides you might have accidentally cleared the WM3700 overrides as well. That would have cleared the IP etc. Either way, glad you got it resolved.
That's what I am thinking too. When I checked back through the list of Configuration>Devices>AP, the 3700 is listed in with them and I totally overlooked it.
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I created a GTACKnowledge article on this topic for future reference: Unable to access WiNG 5.X device after clearing overrides