Wireless throughput test

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Hi community,

Could anyone let me know how to test the throughput of an Access point at a specific location.
I know that it depends on the signal strength but can not find the way to test it.

Thank in advance.

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If used iperf in the past for such tests....

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Yep, there are various tools out there to do these tests. Easiest (free-est) is setting up an iPerf test environment. Too much detail to go into here though to describe the setup.
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You might find this article useful: https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/How_To/How-do-I-measure-the-wireless-performance-of-a-client-on-an-access-point-and-what-factors-might-impact-performance

If you're using ExtremeWireless AP's then they have an iperf server built in: https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/Q_A/Can-the-IdentiFi-access-points-be-used-as-iperf-servers

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Hi Gareth,
we have C5210 with v. and APs 38xx/39xx with same version, but we don't have iperf inside APs:

M90# ls
dbclient dropbearkey iked pmap rpcapd sftp-server vmstat
dropbear dropbearmulti ntpclient ps2 scp utcpdump

M90# iperf3
-sh: iperf3: not found

Any Idea??

Thanks a lot
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I'd only see it on my 3912 & 3915 but not on 3705, 3825, 3801 (no other APs tested).

So for me it look like that it's only included in the 39xx series.
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Thanks Ronald,
AP 3912 - ok.
AP 3965 -not.
AP 3935 -ok.
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Thank everyone so much!