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Hi, all!

We have a WM3400 controller with AP's.
There is big problem to configure redirect to some URL.

After connection to SSID users have to redirected (first time) to some URL (for example -

I can do with first web-page - Controllers agreement page with "Continue" button. After pushing "Continue" button I succesfully redirecting to my page (for example

But how I can do this without agreement page?

Thank you!

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What version of WiNG are you running? If you don't already have this guide, here is a dropbox link for captive portal design..

I believe there is a issue with WiNG 5.2 and captive portal so make sure you are using the latest code, 5.5
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Hi, Bill!

Thank you for information.
How can I do redirect with:
Access type - no authentication required.

I have a simple SSID with or without password (there is no RADIUS).
I just have to redirect users to external web-page with first connection to SSID.

Thank you!
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Frankly speaking I couldn't understand your requirement. However, please go though below URL, it will explain all type of captive portal implementation. I hope this would help you.
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Hi, all!

There is no needfull information.

My main task:
There is open guest network.
Customer want - when user first time connect to guest SSID, user's browser first time have to redirect to Customer's web-site.
For example, I connect to SSID, open my browser and first web-page which opening - it's , after that I can go to other web-sites.
(It's simple URL-redirect) but I can't find this tipe of configuration.

Thank you!
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I think you would like to host captive portal pages on external server and would like to redirect the wireless user to that specific server when they try to connect to SSID.

If yes, then please refer chapter 2.6 from below link
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It's almost that I need.
But - in Guide there is external Captive portal server.
I don't need "Login URL", "Agreement URL", "Fail URL" - these positions must be empty. Customer don't want to see agreement and login web-pages.
I need only "Welcome URL".

User connect to open SSID and first time redirect to

But this scheme don't work properly.

Thank you!