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WM3400 authentication MAC + 802.1x

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we want to setup our WM3400 controller and AP4511 access points with 1 WLAN using 802.1x authentication, but we need to use the MAC authentication first for devices that are not applicable for 802.1x like printers, biometrics, etc.

802.1x is already configured and working. but we cannot use the printers since the 802.1x is not applicable for this devices.

is this possible using the controller and access points without NAC?


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As far as I know this is not possible on a single WLAN. I would suggest that you create a separate WLAN for the printers and other devices. If it were possible to authenticate some users via MAC on an 802.1X WLAN, that would compromise the security of the entire WLAN. Someone could spoof a MAC address of a printer and would potentially have access to everything an 802.1X user would have access to.