WM3400 client tracking

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how can we track a roaming wireless client?can we also view if the client move from one AP to another? we are using WM3400 controller and AP4511. thanks!

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Have you looked at the "Health screen" for information on the client device?

-Select the Statistics menu from the Web UI.
-Select a Wireless Client node from the left navigation pane.
-Select Health from the left-hand side of the controller UI.

There should be an option to look at association history. Do you have any details in the field?

Is this available on our c4110 controllers? I'm not seeing a health or statistics screen. Both controllers have firmware installed.
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That reply was for the Extreme Wireless Solution not IdentiFi. If you were looking to track a client on the 4110 realtime you can type in the clients mac, ip, or a username in any one of the client reports. If you set a 10 second refresh rate, If the client roams the report updates live as the client roams. . For more end system events that are historic it would be best to intergrate the controller with our Mobile IAM solution.