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Wm3400 controller connectivity issues

Hi everyone,

I'm having issues with a wm3400 controller. Yesterday and today again we received information from a customer having problems navigating through a wireless network consisting of a wm3400 controller and 6 ap's distributed in three floors.

Our customer informed me that he wasn't able to navigate the internet from any of the 6 ap's. The laptop/mobile connected succesfully to the network and the ip address given was correct, but he had no internet connectivity.

I checked the controller for logs but couldn't find any helpful ones, there was no un-adoption of AP's or disruption in the wlan's as far as I could see. Yet here's the strange thing (to me at least): reloading one of the ap's (being un-adopted and re-adopted), brought the internet connectivity back.
Our customer informed us that the procedure he followed to check that there was no internet connectivity was to connect via CLI to the controller and ping and had no answer(packets lost).

What could be happening here? Congestion in the controller? How come rebooting 1 single ap brings the connectivity back?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Germán,

What version of software is the WM3400 running, and what are the models of the APs?

Also, did rebooting one AP restore connectivity for clients connected to other APs as well?

Brandon, sorry about that, I should've included that info. Wm is running wing 5.4 and the APs are 4022. And yes,rebooting one AP restored connectivity for clients connected to other APs as well. Thanks !
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In your original description you said the customer pinged from the controller to and the ping was not successful. Was that ping connectivity restored after an AP reboot also? That would be somewhat odd.

What type of WLAN is in use (i.e. authentication, encryption, captive portal)? Is the WLAN locally bridged or tunneled to the WM controller? Are the wireless controller and APs in the same RF domain or are there multiple RF domains?

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to reproduce this since those two events. Our customer hasn't reported a new incident. I agree with you, the ping connectivity was restored after rebooting an AP and this was really odd.

Thanks for your help anyway!