WM3600 - Wireless Point to Point bridge to connect remote Office


We a requirement for a customer to connect one of their remote Office which is across the street to their existing network. Can we do a wireless point to point bridge using WM3600 wireless controller?

Is L2TPV3-POLICY related to this? If yes how much bandwidth can we expect from this bridge?
Any help would be highly appreciated.
Thank you.

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L2TP is used for tunneling wireless traffic (or any traffic really) over the wired network to some other destination. For a wireless point to point link you will need to setup an AP mesh between the two different APs. The following how-to guide explains the procedure (the guide is written for 5.1 software so some commands may look a bit different in other software releases):

As for performance, this is complicated and is heavily dependent on the quality of the wireless link and the RF environment surrounding the site. The overall throughput of the link should be approximately equal to the average wireless data rate of the point to point link divided by two (half duplex communication) minus the protocol overhead.
Thank you Chad for the reply.

I will try this setup in our lab first before proposing the solution. Shall keep you posted.
Thank you. 🙂