WM3xxx series controllers backup on inventory manager

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I have 4 WM3xxx series controllers taht i am tying to backup via Inventory Manager. I have set the MIB overide to "let the device choose" , but it fails with "Cannot perform action with MIB type = UNKNOWN"

When I choose script=>motorola, it fails "Configuration Upload script is empty in file Motorola Wireless - TFTP"

Any ideas?

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Under the Image Image Information tab, did you try to setting the Firmware Download MIB and Configuration MIB to Script and the Device Family File Name to ExtremeWireless WiNG -TFTP? Otherwise, please also try Disable and Disabled for Firmware Download MIB and Configuration MIB. These options worked in a quick lab test with the Device having RW access via SNMP.

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Thanks for all the reply

The issue has been sorted. I had to upload a new script file for the device.