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  • 26 January 2021
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Dear All,


I need AP discovery tool software

Please send me link or guide me

9 replies

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for what purpose do you need the tool?

Normally you should see your APs (IP and MAC) in the DHCP server.
If you use fixed IPs you can use a permanent IP scanner. E.G.

I want to reset the AP’s

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if you reset the APs they will come back with DHCP and you can see all your APs on the DHCP-Server.

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Hi Obaid,


There are multiple methods to factory reset your APs:

  • from within their CLI (erase startup-config + reload)
  • from the controller CLI (factory-reset on ...)
  • from the AP/controller GUI
  • through a console port of an AP even if the password is unknown (reset:FactoryDefault)
  • with a specially crafted loopback plug if an AP doesn’t have a console port
  • with the AP Discovery Tool

If there is really no other option available for you than the tool, please contact GTAC as it is generally obtainable through them.


Hope that helps,


AP 650 is the model, and it doesn’t have console port
if anyone of you is having the AP discovery tool 
please send me

how can I download AP Discovery Tool? please provide link

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Hello, this guide reviews how to get the AP Discovery tool:

Dear All,


I need software, not links for knowledge gain

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Per the guides we linked for you: 

Customers, partners, VARs, resellers, and distributors with valid contracts can reach out to the Extreme GTAC Support Teams via support case to request the software.

Online Case Submission:


Unfortunately we can’t provide software via the community.