AP621, AP6521 power cannot be changed

Hello All,

I have problem setting power for AP621, AP 6521. The power in VX9000 is fixed to 14dBm, whatever i do. So I set manually power to value 19dBm (override Smart-RF), but nothing changed. I can see in Statistics → Radios → Status in Column Power Current (Config): 14 (19).

This happens for all AP621, AP6521 in all domains. The AP7522 are OK (set up to 20dBm according Smart-RF).

VX9000 - FW was 5.8.3 and after upgrade to nothing changed. I have check the startup-config and running config of AP and there is 19dBm set for AP.

Does anyone have some advice what to check or set?

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Hello Martin,

       Are these APs using external antenna’s?

If so, you need to add the antenna gain for each band under the radio. The gain for the antenna’s can be located in the latest WiNG Antenna Guide.

Hello Christopher,


sorry not to mention, but the APs are with internal antennas. And even setting gain or antenna mode does not change the power.



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Antenna gain only applies to external antenna deployments. You may want to get a support case generated, so we can review the tech-supports and configurations.

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I’m guessing that this is for radio 2 (5GHz) and that it’s currently using a UNII-1 channel.

As a test, manually set the radio-2 for something like channel 149 (commit) and then look at the power setting again.