AP7632 GUI error 403

  • 3 April 2020
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Hi there.

I factory reset an AP7632 which was previously adopted by a VX9000 controller. Now I’d like to configure this AP as a VC, but I cannot connect to the GUI. It says “403 - Forbidden” and I’ve already enabled http and https in the management profile.

I’m running version


Thanks in advance for your help!


3 replies

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Hello Flavio,


7.x is recommended mostly for AX APs. The recommended version for this AP is the latest 5.9 version hence Loading a full version of this firmware will resolve your issue. 


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  Access points firmware image coming from controller during upgrade does not include GUI. So the best way is follow the vc setup guide using CLI. Another option is manually upgrade AP with full image - without "-LEAN-" in a file name.

  I would highly recommend to use 5.9.3.x or 5.9.4.x latest for upgrading AP7632 to avoid client association and roaming problems. Use 7.x branch only if .ax stuff involved.




Hi Misha - thanks for your reply.

AFAIU, it would’ve worked if I had installed the “not-LEAN” image version 7.3, right?

Another thing: why are you talking about client association and roaming problems? Are there known problems on WiNG 7.3?

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