Has anyone implemented Cisco Identity Services (ISE) on wm3600 Controller?

  • 6 January 2016
  • 2 replies

We are implementing ISE on our network and are looking to see if anyone has been successful in implementing ISE on Extreme Wireless Contoller and if they are able to share any config insights.

2 replies

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Hi Peter,
First, I see this was your first post and I'd like to welcome you to The Hub.
I hope that the lack of response here hasn't scared you away from coming back and posting again. :)

However, it seems likely that the silence on this topic actually is your answer. It may be the case that none of our members have done this before and don't have any pointers on how to get started.

If you do find a way to get it working, please consider sharing with the community!

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From the Cisco website (http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/security/ise/1-2/compatibility/ise_sdt.html): Certain advanced use cases, such as those that involve posture assessment, profiling, and web authentication, are not consistently available with non-Cisco devices or may provide limited functionality, and are therefore not supported with non-Cisco devices. In addition, certain other advanced functions like central web authentication (CWA), Change of Authorization (CoA), Security Group Access (SGA), and downloadable access control lists (ACLs), are only supported on Cisco devices. So I guess it depends on what you are wanting to do/achieve. But according to the documentation basic authentication should not be a problem as it is all RADIUS standards.