How to properly update firmware remotely using meshconnex policies?

  • 11 January 2021
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we use five AP7632,
one of the points is connected using meshconnex policy,
the rest have a POE wired connection.

We want to update the firmware ( to the latest version, but there is a problem.
The technique is “far away” and the administrator will spend a lot of time arriving if something goes wrong. Through 4 points that are connected via POE, we are sure that we can simply turn off the power to them and turn them back on (restart remotely). What to do with meshconnex point if it stops responding due to a firmware change? We cannot turn off and on, and the LAN wire is not connected for diagnostics. ...
Is there an update algorithm for the AP7632 so that meshconnex policy is guaranteed to persist without an administrator coming as it takes a long time?

Thanks for answers.


1 reply

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Hello Piotr,


Rule of thumb, upgrade the non-root AP first then root AP. 


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