Hyper-V - WING 7.X Interface DOWN

  • 29 December 2020
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Hello community, 

I create a topic following the different topics already opened here:
and the gtac workaround

Can someone from Extreme answer my questions precisely : 

Why the issue not listed yet in the release note ?
Why the VX installation document which is dated 2018 is not updated ?
Why this lack of documentation ? 
Extreme working on solving this problem? 

I crashed the VX at a university for several days. We didn't have access to the Hyper-V console to downgrade. Is it normal to have to consult the GTAC articles to be aware of your problems? and not to find them in the release notes? 
Do you think that the proposed workaround will be suitable for customers on which WIFI is critical who pay very high prices for a TAC&OS every year?
I have a lot of customers under Hyper-V and today Migration impossible, introduction of new WIFI 6 AP impossible without leaving in a legacy mode. Customers don't want that…

Are there other people in my case under  Hyper-V Infrastructure? 

Thank you



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I don’t feel relevant to give any answers on behalf of Extreme, I’d only like to make sure you consider calling GTAC (no portal, no e-mail, via phone) right away when things break. You pay TAC&OS, you deserve it without doubt. I have very good experience with my calls when there’s no time to wait.


Hope that helps,