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  • 30 November 2020
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Hi , I’ve a question about AP7522 : in our company we’ve a wifi network with many AP7522 , one of this is the controller . We’ve many notebook with 802.11AC wifi technology , but these notebooks can’t go in 802.11AC when connected in wifi (AP7522) and 5GHz . These notebook go in 802.11a .. There is some configuration (we’ve a default set , the channels are in auto, etc...) …. Someone has some idea ? thanks for any suggestion !

1 reply

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Hi Maury,

There could be multiple factors at play, this could be more of a client capability, RF and coverage related matter. Just because a device is 802.1ac-capable doesn’t mean it is able to fully exploit it.  To achieve that speed, the client adapter and the access point must be capable of supporting 80MHz-wide 4-channel bonds, 3 spatial streams, and a guard interval of 400ns. Most 11ac integrated chipsets in mobile devices on the market are 1SS or 2SS, therefore the max possible rates they can achieve will be lower.

The 7522 is an 802.11ac wave-1 AP and it supports 256 QAM which proved the benefit of increasing performance by about 30% but is only very useful in high-quality, low-interference settings, as with devices located in the same room. The communication at 256QAM would need the AP and client device to be in very close proximity.

Setting the channel to “auto” should allow the AP to support 80MHz capable devices. Please check the following as well:

1- You have AES encryption and WMM enabled on this network.

2- Check the driver configuration of the client adapter and verify it’s set properly for 11ac.